Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fischer Industries Ceases Operations

Fischer Industries ceased operations as of 12/31/07. Please direct all your inquiries for Fischer Industries parts and support to http://www.fisalesllc.com/ or call 1-888-XRAY-777.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Developer Systems Cleaner DSC1

Fischer Industries now offers Developer Systems Cleaner DSC1 for use in cleaning x-ray film processors. DSC1 is a sulphuric acid based cleaner that really takes the gunk off the developer rollers easily. No excessive scrubbing needed with the DSC1. Let it do most of the work for you. It comes packed in a case of 12 one pint bottles. DSC1 is sold by the case or half case, shipped by UPS or shipped on a pallet by truck for multiple cases. Watch our YourTube video to see how well the DSC1 works.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Go Green and Save Green $$$ with the Fischer AutoTank

The Fischer AutoTank is the world's most environmentally friendly (green) x-ray film processor in the world. This unique processor works without heat at normal room temperature, and requires no plumbing.

Normal heated x-ray film processors use about 5 gallons of developer and 5 gallons of fixer per month. The AutoTank owner should be able to get by with only 2.5 gallons of developer and fixer every 2 months! Save 75% on chemical use.

In a heated x-ray film processor, water use can be excessive. In normal operation, gallons will be used daily. When water solenoid valves in x-ray film processors fail, they invariably fail in the open position, running gallons and gallons of water down your drain EVERY HOUR. With the AutoTank, we do suggest a water change of 2.3 gallons every 2 weeks. Talk about savings and water conservation!

The AutoTank is always turned OFF, but ready to develop x-ray films at any time. Just turn it ON, run the films, and turn it back OFF when done. Heated x-ray film processors are meant to be turned ON and left ON ALL DAY LONG. Pumps and heaters run in heated x-ray film processors ALL DAY LONG. When we claim that the AutoTank will reduce energy use by over 90%, we are being conservative.

Save 75% on chemical use.
Save 90%+ on water use.
Save 90%+ on energy use.

By using the AutoTank, you will be making the world a greener place to live, and you will be making your wallet full of a lot more green. See http://www.fischerind.com/autotnk.htm for product details.

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